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Support Contracts

Hardware Service Contract

Canberra offers three levels of Hardware Service Contracts, Standard (5th Business Day Response). Advanced (2nd Business Day Response) or Critical (Next Business Day Response). These contracts provide priority for availability of Parts and Services and ensure your systems are placed back in production in a timely manner. Hardware Service Contracts also provide you with a fixed cost for maintenance and repair for the year, aiding in budget control.

Software Service Contract

Software Service Contracts provide you with all the latest enhancements and patches available for your software. Software Contract customers may receive unlimited telephone support as well as media and documentation updates. They receive immediate notification of critical software problems and access to our Software Performance Reporting (SPR) System. The SPR documents the problem plus workarounds and solutions when available. A Software Service Contract can be optionally upgraded to provide full on-site assistance and in most cases can extend to computer Operating Systems recovery support and third party Apps support management.

Service and Support Contract Features

Unlimited Visits with Agreed Response Times
  • Contract customers have the benefit of fixed costs.
  • Travel, labour and accommodation from all visits are included in the contract price.
  • No wasted time on administration, raising purchase orders, checking invoices or waiting for the engineer.
  • Canberra offers three levels of Hardware Service Contracts; Standard (5th Business Day Response), Advanced (2nd Business Day Response) or Critical (Next Business Day Response).


Factory Trained Engineers
  • Experienced factory trained engineers provide faster trouble shooting than trying to fix it in-house.
  • All staff carries out their function under our ISO9001 accreditation.
  • There are no financial or time restrictions on our engineers. They are free to carry out work on your product using the best possible components and are allowed to take the appropriate time to ensure you receive a quality job.
Scheduled Preventative Maintenance
  • Regular scheduled maintenance keeps your equipment in as new condition helping to avoid breakdowns at inconvenient times.
  • Regular maintenance can reduce down time and will lengthen the working life of the product.
Unlimited Parts
  • An extensive stock of parts is held at Harwell UK, in our European Spares Pool and at our USA manufacturing Facility.
  • Contract customers have the first call on these spares. In addition, we ensure we carry most of the critical parts you may need locally.
  • Free parts eliminate unbudgeted costs.
Software Updates
  • Regular software updates keeps your system at the latest level.
  • All updates conform to IEEE 730.1 Guidelines.
  • Local customisation and System Management further enhance your software environment.
  • A Software Service Contract can be optionally upgraded to provide full on-site assistance.
Unlimited Telephone Support
  • There is no limit on the number or length of calls made to our Support Team.
  • All issues received by calls have priority over non-contract calls.

For more information or a quote to cover your equipment please email: oliver.godwin@canberra.com or call: 01235 838336