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CANBERRA UK Measurements & Expertise

CANBERRA UK Measurements & Expertise Team offers the radiological measurement solutions, training and expertise to the UK nuclear industry to address all of your nuclear measurement needs. Local experts provide operational support, technical support, and consulting services in many locations around the UK.

CANBERRA UK Measurements & Expertise Team can mobilize a variety of instrumentation including ISOCS systems, gamma imaging systems and mobile non-destructive assay (NDA) systems to perform specialized measurements at your site. Our team can also assist with optimizing the use of this equipment to help you achieve your radiological goals.

Our team of physicists and spectroscopy experts is available to compliment your own team, providing strategy advice, measurements solutions, training and intelligent data review.

Combining the experience of the international services organisations with CANBERRA’S range of innovative measurement tools, customers in the UK can benefit from the latest technology, expertise, and best practice.

CANBERRA UK Measurements & Expertise Team has successfully completed many challenging projects, and aims to work in partnership with customers, to bring cost effective time saving solutions, enabling them to meet strict regulations, project milestones or improved processes.

Our services are focused on all aspects of radiometric solutions, including nuclear fuel cycle applications from operating power reactors and fuel reprocessing, to decommissioning / waste management, laboratory services and environmental monitoring.

Our field based specialists are located close to the principal nuclear sites in the UK, acting as the focus for customer interactions.

Benefits to the Customer

The CANBERRA UK Measurements & Expertise Team aims to give the following benefits to the Customer:

  • A complete solution to the problem
  • Tried and tested technology
  • Expert service and help
  • Reduce exposure to radiation
  • Reduce time taken to complete the task
  • Reduce costs

We offer “in-situ” measurement services, equipment operated either by experienced CANBERRA UK specialists, or by the customer’s employees. We can also provide specialist consultancy and expert review services, and can perform calibrations for plant - installed radiometric equipment.

Measurement & Expertise Services

We offer a broad range of services, including the following:

  • Consultancy support to identify optimum radiometric measurement strategies.
  • “Intelligent Customer” support, e.g. independent review of technical proposals, and preparation of technical documents.
  • Portable gamma ray spectrometry for identification / quantification of fissile material and beta / gamma radionuclides including Pu isotopics and U enrichment measurements.
  • Gamma camera measurements to provide spatial mapping of radioactivity.
  • Neutron assay using modular equipment, to quantify actinides (principally Pu).
  • Rental of equipment (e.g. waste assay) to customers, including customised setup and training.
  • Provision of mobile laboratory and characterisation services including alpha, beta and gamma spectrometers and neutron detectors / assay chambers.
  • Provision of calibration services for customers’ own installed radiometric equipment.
  • Characterisation services including radiometric measurements, integrated as part of a complete solution partnered with laboratory analysis, if appropriate.
  • Expert advice / training on "best practice" use of laboratory radiometric equipment for example application of software Quality Assurance features.
  • Expert data review of results from customer’s equipment, including analysis and interpretation of spectra and results.
  • Specialist technical services such as shielding calculations, radiometric physics modelling (using codes such as MCNP) to support calibration, specialist technical studies etc.
  • Training services. We offer a range of training in physics, spectrometry, CANBERRA software and systems, as well as customised courses covering specific assay systems and measurement processes.
  • Method development. Complete method development from identification of optimum approach, through to preparation of procedures and final implementation of measurement process. We strive to find the optimum solution to meet the customer goals.
  • Dose-rate measurements / modelling for decommissioning projects, to optimise processes and reduce dose uptake.