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Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits from the AAHP are available for all courses. Check the available credits (CEC) in the information box under each seminar or the chart below. For more information about AAHP Continuing Education Credits, please follow this link: http://www.hps1.org/aahp/cec/wp_cepolicy.htm

Annual Training Courses
The following training courses have been awarded CEC’s by the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) and are offered throughout the year at our CANBERRA Training Locations. Please check this year's COURSE SCHEDULE for the time and location:
Course # Title CEC Points
GP-101-2 Principles of Radiation Detection 16
GP-201-2 Fundamentals of Gamma Spectroscopy 16
GP-202-2 Fundamentals of Alpha Spectroscopy 24
GP-203-2 Fundamentals of Alpha/Beta Counting 16
GP-205-2 Fundamentals of Radiation Protection 16
GP-301-2 Applied Principles of Gamma Spectroscopy 16
GP-302-2 Applied Principles of Alpha Spectroscopy 16
GP-303-2 Applied Principles of Alpha/Beta Counting 16
GP-304-2 Applied Principles of Radiation Detection 24
GP-601-3 Interpretation of Gamma Spectroscopy Results 24
SP-501-4 General Theory of Gamma Spectroscopy 32
SP-510-3 Interpretation of Gamma Spectra 24
SU-470-4 Genie 2000 Basic Operations 16
SU-472-3 Genie 2000 Algorithms 24
SU-474-4 Basic ISOCS Measurements 32
SU-476-3 Advanced ISOCS Measurements 24
SU-477-3 LabSOCS Measurements 24
SU-530-4 NDA-2000 Training 32
SU-562-2 InSpector 1000 Operations 16
SU-568-3 Apex- Alpha Operations 24
SU-570-2 APEX Alpha Beta 16
SU-572-2 Contamination Monitoring Oper 16
SU-635-4 APEX Gamma Operations 32
SU-636-3 APEX-Gamma Adv. Topics 24
SU-734-4 APEX-InVivo Operations 32
SU-735-2 IMBA Dose Calculations Training 16
SU-803-3 Eclipse/Alpha Beta Counting 24
SU-845-2 ISOLO Alpha/Beta Counter Training 16
SU-850-2 RMS Operations 16
SU-890-2 iCAM Operations 16