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Support Contracts

Hardware Service Contract

Hardware Service Contract

Canberra offers three levels of Hardware Service Contracts, Basic (72-hour response). Advanced (48-hour response) or Critical (24-hour response). These contracts provide priority for availability of Parts and Services and ensure your systems are placed back in production in a timely manner. Hardware Service Contracts also provides you with a fixed cost for maintenance and repair for the year aiding in budget control. A detailed description of our Hardware Service Contracts appears in the linked documents.

Software Service Contract

Software Service Contract

Software Service Contracts provide you with all the latest enhancements and patches available for your software. Software Contract customers may receive unlimited telephone support as well as media and documentation updates. They receive immediate notification of critical software problems and access to our Software Performance Reporting (SPR) System. The SPR documents the problem plus workarounds and solutions when available.

CANBERRA Contamination Monitor Contract Support

CANBERRA Contamination Monitor Contract Support


Contamination monitoring is a vital function for safety and productivity. Partnering with CANBERRA will augment RP efforts to ensure maximum UPTIME and value. CANBERRA is now offering three levels of contamination monitor support designed to enhance your existing capabilities. Choose the one that best complements your RP support organization.

  • Maximize UPTIME, Performance, and Reliability
  • Easy access to Parts and Detector Exchanges
  • Expert Consultation and Validation of Critical Parameters
  • Flexible Plans Offering Value through Economies of Scale




ONE Pre-Outage Performance Verification (NPP) or ONE Scheduled Performance Verification Visit

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Gas Flow Detector Repair Exchange Plan (annual)

  • Additional repair exchanges available at reduced contract rate
15 30 45

Repair Parts Replacement Plan (maximum as required)

  • Excludes gas detectors, detector windows
$15K $30K Unlimited

Urgent Site Repair Visit (72 hr response)

1 3 Unlimited

Installation Support Visits for New units

None 1/yr Unlimited

Unlimited Phone Support

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Downloadable Software Updates

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Semi-Annual Monitor Utilization, Calibration/Verification and Performance Summary (CM-PERFORMANCE) 

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INPO Assessment Readiness (CM-AUDIT)

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ONE Annual Radon Progeny Setup/Verification and Familiarization visits (CM-RADON)