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CANBERRA Services North America - LabSOCS Integration Services

Need help getting LabSOCS1 implemented in your Count Room?

Whether you are just starting the transition from source-based to LabSOCS-generated efficiency calibrations or adding another detector to an established LabSOCS lab, CANBERRA is available to help!

Our new LabSOCS Integration Services are designed to calibrate and validate your SOCS-characterized detector(s) based on your specific laboratory practices, without any requirement for you to own calibration sources. This service will get you up and running, ready to analyze samples, with a comprehensive record of calibration and NIST-traceable verification.

Not only do we set up your detector input(s) with Genie™ or Apex-Gamma™, but we also create sample geometries in LabSOCS and generate calibration curves. Verification counts are made with sources (yours or ours) to prove the accuracy of the LabSOCS results.

When we are finished, you are ready to count AND you have the documentation needed to validate the work for any future audits.

The following services are included per HPGe detector 2 :
  • Detector and Signal Chain set-up
  • Configuring LabSOCS Software for use with Genie or Apex-Gamma
  • Verification of the ISOCS factory characterization report using the detector’s ISOXSRCE
  • Creation of up to 4 common calibration geometries specific to your applications
  • Calibration verification of each geometry with NIST-traceable standards according to consensus standards methodology3
    • Don’t have sources? No Problem!
    • CANBERRA Services will bring NIST-traceable sources for the calibration verifications and leave you with a full set of documentation for each calibration geometry.
  • Certificate of confirmation that the LabSOCS system is operating properly

The above tasks will confirm that your detector is performing to specification and your electronics are configured properly. Adding the common LabSOCS geometries allows you to start counting samples right away!

Enjoy the most robust mathematical efficiency calibration software available with over 20 years of proven performance — effortlessly!


1 Service also available for ISOCS software based In Situ Systems

2 Service can be customized for any number of detectors and additional counting geometries as needed

3 Using applicable ANSI, ASTM or ISO validation procedures


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