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Multichannel Analyzers

An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) generates a digital word proportional to the amplitude of an input pulse. In nuclear applications, ADCs are used to digitize the output signals from spectroscopy amplifiers. Since these amplifiers generate output pulses whose amplitudes are directly proportional to the energies of the incident radiation, the ADC can be used with an amplifier and a multichannel analyzer (MCA) to generate energy distributions (spectra) of radioactive samples.

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Multiport II Multichannel Analyzer

Multiport II Multichannel Analyzer


The Multiport II is a double width NIM intended for use where existing amplifier and HVPS modules are to be combined with a high analog performance, low-cost ADC/MCA. It provides greater flexibility than traditional bus plug-in boards but at a comparable cost. Multiport II can be purchased in versions from one to six inputs. Units with fewer than six inputs can be field upgraded with additional inputs. Two communications interface versions are available: Ethernet/USB and USB only.

Multiport is suitable for use with a wide range of radiation detectors. Selecting a proper preamplifier, amplifier and high voltage power supply, makes Multiport compatible with NaI(Tl), HPGe, SiLi, CdTe, Ion Implanted, Plastic scintillation, BGO and other detector technologies. Modular NIM packaging makes it easy to reconfigure systems as needs change or as new technologies become available.

The Multiport II is easy to install and easy to link. Host computer interfacing is accomplished via a standard USB port or a standard Ethernet port (UTP) and through standard protocols. These widely recognized interfaces make the Multiport II compatible with a wide range of computer platforms, so the Multiport II user need not worry about compatibility as computer bus standards evolve. Also, multiple Multiport II units can be totally remote-controlled from a single computer. The Multiport II provides better performance and lower noise than plug-in PC board based MCAs by keeping all sensitive components out of the computer itself and by putting the MCA close to the radiation detectors. Furthermore, there is only one cable between the host computer and the Multiport II NIM module for simplicity of inter connection.

Multiport II provides full I/O support, including CANBERRA standard PUR/LTC, sample changer synchronization and advanced PHA operations.

For more flexibility and more applications, Multiport II supports both Pulse Height Analysis (PHA) and Multichannel Scaling (MCS) modes of operation. In MCA mode, a single channel analyzer (SCA) is also available as well as input/output that allows acquisition to be synchronized by external modules. SCA output works in both modes PHA and MCS. In MCS mode SCA pulses may also be selected as input pulses. The maximum input rate is 10 MHZ in TTL input mode.

Multiport II Multichannel Analyzer


  • Up to six independent Multichannel Analyzers (in-the-field customer upgradable)
  • Each MCA fully computer controlled
  • 16K ADC, 1 usec fast fixed conversion time with linearization enhancement circuit for excellent nonlinearity
  • Fully buffered memory allowing simultaneous ADC memory write and spectrum transfer to host computer
  • PHA and MCS acquisition modes
  • Full I/O control (including sample changer)
  • On-board data backup
  • Suitable for HPGe, NaI(Tl), CdTe and other detector technologies
  • Communications interface: Ethernet/USB or USB only
  • Fully supported by Genie™ 2000 software