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Apex Software Family


Apex-Gamma™ and Apex-Alpha™ have long been the standard in production radiochemistry labs for managing their massive amounts of sample, calibration and detector QA data.

More recently, the Apex® platform has been extended further to whole body/lung counting with Apex-InVivo™ software and to low background alpha/beta counting in multi-detector systems with Apex-Alpha/Beta™ software. In all the applications, routine tasks for counting, calibration, quality assurance and data management are just a click away. 

The Apex Family supports a broad range of spectroscopy and counting needs, but is driven by a common set of principles:

  • Alignment with your workflow
  • Maximizing your productivity
  • Simplifying your operations through intuitive functionality
  • Managing all aspects of counting, calibration and QA
  • Supporting your security, reporting and auditing needs

Benefits of having a common family of application software:

  • Each package was designed to simplify management of the supported counting application
  • Common software look and feel
    • All have similar Main Counting View, Data Review, Setup, Quality Assurance and Reporting sections
  • Shorter ramp up time when learning each application
  • Consistent security model, makes access control easier for better system integrity
  • Comprehensive event logging to assist with audits and troubleshooting
  • Similar database software & architectures
    • Supporting similar products saves time and money
    • Makes LIMS interface easier – same data storage formats and techniques
  • Common spectroscopy analysis engine speeds expertise across products and regulatory certification

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