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Apex-Alpha/Beta Counting Productivity Software


  • Control and Analysis software for most CANBERRA gas-flow alpha/beta counters
  • Compatible with LB4200, LB4100, Mini20, IN20, Series 5 XLB and Series 5 LB5500 systems
  • Feature by feature replacement for Eclipse
  • Express Count for immediate counting with no sample data pre-entry
  • Automated Plateau and Region of Interest setup
  • Unattended Calibration on Changer Systems
  • Calibration and QC Sequences
  • Selectable count modes:
    • Alpha only
    • Alpha/beta simultaneous
    • Alpha then beta
  • Enhanced efficiency calibration including multiple curve-fitting models
  • Integrated QA capabilities
  • Custom procedure creation for sample type-specific acquisition and analysis
  • English, French, & German language support
  • Sample database tracks samples through log-in, counting and data review processes
  • Integrated support for ISO11929 MDA and Bayesian Best Estimates
  • Simplified report customization with integrated report editor
  • Comprehensive event logging records every event on the system – with flexible search capabilities
  • Multi-level security system limits user access to only the prescribed functions allowed by the system manager
  • Common look and feel with the rest of CANBERRA’s family of Apex® Productivity Software
  • Includes SQL Server® Express 2014 database
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10

Apex-Alpha/Beta Counting Productivity Software


Apex-Alpha/Beta™ is a Windows® 7 (32 or 64-bit) and Windows 10 (64 bit) software application for automating detector setup and calibration, quality assurance, sample analysis and reporting activities with CANBERRA’s low background alpha/beta counting systems. It is designed for the way samples are counted in production laboratories, thereby making gross alpha/beta sample analysis and associated quality assurance and data management tasks fast and efficient.

CANBERRA has been building low background alpha/beta counters for over 30 years. In that time, many software packages have come and gone, but power and ease of use are still dominant on the wish lists of users. CANBERRA’s Apex-Alpha/Beta software is a fresh approach to the application using current tools with no dependencies on outdated spreadsheets, yesterday’s database formats, or expensive third party reporting tools.

The software is the culmination of everything CANBERRA has learned over the years about alpha/beta counting needs from the earliest DOS applications, all the way through CANBERRA’s Eclipse software. Apex-Alpha/Beta draws heavily on paradigms established in CANBERRA’s highly successful Apex-Gamma™ and Apex-Alpha™ software.