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IPRON-N Intelligent Neutron Probe for InSpector™ 1000


The InSpector 1000 hand-held multichannel analyzer represents a breakthrough in a number of areas. The most significant of these is that it is the first digital hand-held analyzer that relies on sophisticated real-time spectral processing. Previously this was only available in high-end computer-based laboratory systems.

The InSpector 1000 offers the full power of CANBERRA's time-tested spectrum processing algorithms - minimizing false positive identifications while improving sensitivity for low level, shielded and mixed sources, or sources "hidden" by natural or legitimate radioactive materials. The InSpector 1000 provides a flexible application-specific response by accommodating different detector/probe sizes and technologies.

The flexibility of the InSpector 1000 has allowed us to design a dedicated neutron probe; this neutron probe is designed to meet the ANSI N42.34 standard and the IAEA requirement for HHRIID.


  • Designed to help stop illicit trafficking (design compliant with ANSI N42.34)
  • Compatible with all InSpector 1000s
  • Field upgradable; no need to send the unit back to factory
  • Can be used in conjunction with any InSpector 1000 gamma probe
  • Lightweight package
  • Uses time-tested moderated 3He tube
  • CE compliant
  • Meets safety transportation requirements and regulations (pressure less than 2 atm)
  • 10 hours of operating time (InSpector 1000 with gamma and neutron probes)
  • New handgrip eases handling of the unit

IPRON-N Intelligent Neutron Probe for InSpector™ 1000