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Falcon 5000® Portable HPGe-Based Radionuclide Identifier


The Falcon 5000 is a state-of-the-art portable Radionuclide Identifier (RID) based on a High Purity Germanium (HPGe) detector. It quickly and accurately answers: “Is there a radiation source present?”, “Where is it?”, and importantly “What isotopes are emitting the radiation?” The Falcon 5000 accomplishes these goals by combining the best resolution HPGe detector technology with ultra-low microphonic electrical cooling. In addition to the highest resolution detector on the market, the Falcon 5000 integrates a unique BEGe detector that is superior in efficiency and lower in cost than standard coaxial detectors.

The Falcon 5000 is a highly powerful and customizable field spectroscopy system. The system comes complete with a full version of our industry leading gamma analysis software, Genie 2000. The full power of Genie 2000 analysis is available in the Falcon 5000; however, a simple “push button” user interface allows easy navigation through the instruments’ basic control functions.

The measurement can be stopped, started and saved at any time. Available user modes are: Dose, Locate, Spectrum and NID. All modes are available from the main screen. Once the Falcon 5000 has been configured, the user simply starts the measurement, uses the Locate function to find the increased radiation field, and then looks at the NID page for the results. The spectrum can be viewed at any time to determine if the NID results match the collected spectrum for consistency.

The main objective is to get the right answer, regardless of whether the user is an expert or novice. This ability is greatly enhanced by the underlying capabilities
of the Genie 2000 platform. Although the Falcon 5000 comes pre-configured with a default nuclide library, the user can easily review the contents of any existing
nuclide library, edit the current library or load a different library as the application requires. This capability is password protected to ensure lock-out protection.

Falcon 5000® Portable HPGe-Based Radionuclide Identifier



  • Fast and easy to deploy LN2-free HPGe nuclide identifier
  • Wide energy range covering all field situations
  • Vibration-free electrical cooling with no compromise on energy resolution
  • Ready to use in about three hours, anytime, anywhere
  • Wireless or wired remote control with tablet PC operating full Genie™ 2000 suite
  • Reach-back via e-mail for external data review
  • Internal hot swappable batteries for minimum 6-8 hours of continuous operation before battery change is required
  • No external power required for initial cool down
  • Optional high sensitivity neutron internal detector
  • Generic ISOCS™ characterization for calculation of activities for complicated geometries