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Apex-InVivo™ Whole Body and Lung Counting Productivity Software


Apex-InVivo™ is the most advanced whole body and critical organ counting software on the market today. It includes features of CANBERRA's well known Abacos software products, as well as features that conform to the philosophy and architecture of CANBERRA's Apex® software product line. This combination results in an advanced in vivo counting system and a comprehensive management tool that helps monitor and maintain your counters as well as keep track of all the results they generate.

The main counting screen shown in Figure 1 has been designed to give a user easy access to the information needed to run the counter. The status of the counter and each detector are easily identified with a glance at the screen. Colors and visual cues will indicate if the counter is in use or idle. The user can also see if a calibration is present or overdue, or if any QA parameters have gone out of tolerance. While a count is in progress, this same screen provides the user with an estimated completion time, and provides access to a variety of tools to review the spectra being collected.

All detectors and detector groups are accessible and visible during the count. Summed spectra is calculated and displayed during the count so the user can see and analyze the spectrum as the count progresses. The user also has access to the spectrum for each individual detector, and any MCS groups that are defined as part of the current counter configuration.

There are comprehensive features for QA, user security, calibrations, multi-curve efficiency calibrations, customizable biometric equations, data review, batch reanalysis, multi-channel scaling, demographics, and even an enhanced reporting engine with built-in report editor. Apex-InVivo is packed with many features to address the unique counting needs of any whole body, critical organ, and lung counting system.

Apex-InVivo™ Whole Body and Lung Counting Productivity Software


  • Comprehensive operation and management features for in vivo counting systems
  • Distributed multi-user functionality provides access to counters from any client workstation
  • Flexible calibration facilities including a verification report and calibrations that are automatically shared across different configurations
  • Quality assurance facilities with enforced scheduling policies, and failure response options
  • Data review and reanalysis facilities with analysis tracking, advanced reporting, and evaluation of all results
  • Advanced database features help manage all personnel count data, multiple analyses, and advanced search capabilities in key activities
  • Comprehensive event logging records key events to provide the traceability and reliability required
  • Comprehensive security system that controls access to all system functions and simplifies user interface based on permissions
  • Built on Genie™ 2000 spectroscopy software to provide world class analysis facilities
  • Live summed detector groups as well as multi-channel scaling (MCS) groups with defined energy ranges

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