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ACCUSCAN II Scanning Ge Whole Body Counter


The ACCUSCAN II is a high resolution, stand-up whole body counter. It is designed to identify and quantify radionuclides with energies between 100 keV and 1336 keV in complicated combinations. The ACCUSCAN II also provides information on the location of the radioactive materials found in the body through its scanning mechanism and the system's Apex-InVivo™ software.

These features make the ACCUSCAN II an ideal companion to complement the FASTSCAN™ for large facilities like nuclear power plants. In this case the FASTSCAN can be used for routine monitoring and the ACCUSCAN II can be used to investigate radioactivity found during routine counts and to provide information on the location of the radioactivity in the body. The ACCUSCAN II also makes an excellent stand-alone product for smaller facilities that have a wider range of radionuclides to monitor for, and a smaller number of people to count on a routine basis.

The standard ACCUSCAN II System includes a shield and scanning detector mechanism, a 25% coaxial germanium detector and cryostat assembly, a digital spectrum analyzer, as well as CANBERRA's Apex-InVivo whole body counting and Genie™ spectroscopy software packages. This turnkey system also includes complete factory integration and calibration, as well as training. A complete CANBERRA proposal will also include installation services by a CANBERRA Field Service Engineer or authorized representative.

CANBERRA also offers a second detector option for the standard ACCUSCAN II System. The standard second detector option includes a 25% coaxial germanium detector with a cryostat, a digital signal processor, an all-in-one cable assembly and the second detector holder for the scanning mechanism. Adding a second detector allows for shorter counting times and improved detection limits.

The ACCUSCAN II uses a shadow shield to shield against elevated ambient background. The system's shadow shield is composed of two major assemblies, a low background steel personnel enclosure and a scanning tower assembly with a lead detector shield assembly. The personnel shield or enclosure provides shielding from the back and sides of the person and the lead detector shadow shield shields the detectors from the front.

ACCUSCAN II Scanning Ge Whole Body Counter


  • Stand-up whole body counter
  • Low background steel personnel shield
  • 5 cm thick lead detector shield
  • Scanning detector mechanism for linear geometry
  • Accomodates up to two germanium detectors
  • Includes Apex-InVivo software for control and analysis