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SafePoint Radiation Monitoring Solutions

Nuclear facilities benefit the most when they can trust their nuclear measurement vendor to supply equipment that delivers a worry-free future.

Your nuclear measurement equipment must contribute to securing the public, your plant and personnel day after day, with reliable and supported operation over the expected lifetime of the facility. To that end, CANBERRA has developed the SafePoint family of environmental and radiation monitoring solutions that offer you the highest standards of safety, reliability and serviceability, while providing exceptional operational performance and long-term value.

SafePoint RMS provides the tools and information necessary to minimize time, cost and dose in support of plant safety and operational goals.

CANBERRA and our SafePoint® Radiation Monitoring Solutions are:

  • Sustainable for the life of your plant
  • Committed to supporting you with safe, modern technology
  • Secure, cost-effective solutions that save time and reduce exposure while improving transparency to stakeholders and the public.

CANBERRA has served its customers with superior products, robust quality systems and knowledgeable global support for over 50 years.

Whether you need standard SafePoint RMS with basic installation and services or a more comprehensive solution including in-plant engineering resources, CANBERRA has the corporate backing and resources necessary for worry-free "life of plant" support!

CANBERRA's SafePoint® Environmental Monitoring Solutions combine robust, high-performing EcoGamma monitors with comprehensive Horizon Supervisory Software to provide you with a clear, consolidated vision of your monitor data.

Turnkey Horizon-based supervisory solutions can also be provided for networks including:


SafePoint Solutions

Area Monitoring AM-IP100 and AM-GP100 gamma area monitors

Ready-to-deploy AM-IP100 and AM-GP100 gamma area monitors are ideal for demanding applications both within and outside of the plant. The AM-GP100 uses a Geiger Mueller tube-based detector for wide range gamma radiation measurement, and the AM-IP100 uses an ion-chamber based detector suited for pulsed radiation applications. These area monitors minimize field maintenance and calibration time for improved ALARA thanks to unique features including a detachable termination panel that lets you quickly swap a newly calibrated meter or spare without disturbing plant wiring. Configurability, a hallmark of the entire SafePoint family, enhances operational flexibility and minimizes the cost of deployment and retasking of monitors. Proprietary Virtual Channel™ capability allows tracking of trends or auxiliary conditions in addition to normal channel monitoring – providing greater insight into the effectiveness of the plant's operations and the overall condition of the area.

Click here for AM-GP100 Area Monitor

Click here for AM-IP100 Area Monitor

EcoGamma Environmental Gamma Radiation Monitor

EcoGamma Environmental Gamma Radiation Monitors are designed to endure the most extreme conditions with unsurpassed accuracy, range and stability. CANBERRA's unique Time-To-Count functionality eliminates the dead time and saturation effects that are common with Geiger Mueller detectors, assuring accuracy and linearity throughout the wide operating range of the monitor. The environmentally hardened aluminum enclosure of EcoGamma monitors offers superior resistance to the most extreme conditions. These monitors are ready to use immediately thanks to a user-friendly, platform-neutral interface.


Mobile Vehicle-Based Monitoring – MOVERS

Turn-key Mobile Vehicle-based Emergency Radiation Monitoring Systems (MOVERS) offer high-sensitivity detection of likely hazardous releases from a nuclear accident or dirty bomb scenario – essential information for proper emergency preparedness and response. User-friendly supervisory software supports fast and accurate decision making with seamless, real-time integration of radiological data. As an experienced integrator of nuclear measurement equipment, CANBERRA will assure that you have the right equipment and expertise for your application – including the options and configurations you need to satisfy your site's mobile radiological monitoring requirements.

Click here for MOVERS

Liquid and Process Monitors

Modular in-line and on-line liquid and process monitors accommodate most standard pipe sizes for simplified installation and maintenance. These monitors feature gain-stabilized scintillation detectors for stable, reliable performance. Off-line, open-frame skid designs are also available with optional cooling systems and sample purge capabilities where direct pipe monitoring is not desirable.

Click here for OLM Series, On-Line Process Monitoring Systems

Click here for Model NLM100 Main Steam Line and N-16 Steam Generator Leakage

Continuous Air Monitoring

CAM series Continuous Air Monitors offer unmatched operational performance over a broad range from environmental and effluent levels to the accident range. Powerful self-test functionality continuously confirms reliable operation and supports proactive maintenance. These fully tested and calibrated radioactive aerosol monitors offer a low profile design that facilitates easy maintenance and is optimized to withstand adverse conditions in demanding nuclear environments. A unique filter holder simplifies filter change and ensures sample integrity.

Click here for Continuous Air Monitoring

Spectroscopy-Based Monitoring

A number of unique spectroscopy-based systems are available to identify and quantify nuclides in RMS applications, including radioactive aerosol, coolant, liquid processing, and liquid effluent monitoring. Systems such as CANBERRA's Fuel Integrity Monitor provide early warning of changes in nuclide concentration levels that can signal a fuel problem or failure. Since gamma spectroscopy is employed, the hazard can be identified without the need for separate laboratory analysis, saving time and exposure and helping to avoid regulatory non-compliance issues. Spectroscopic analysis also improves confidence in results by eliminating the uncomfortable guess work associated with traditional gross counting systems.

Supervisory Software

Switch your focus from collecting and logging radiological data to using the data for improved plant performance with SafePoint supervisory software. This powerful package offers live-time data acquisition and control of the various SafePoint Radiation Monitoring Systems. Complete RMS system status and data trends can be reviewed quickly and easily for improved transparency and more informed decision making.

SafePoint communication and control systems permit any level of security or transparency you require for your system.

Click here for Supervisory Software

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