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Environmental and Radiation Monitoring Systems


AM-GP100CANBERRA's new configurable area monitoring systems help you meet your plant's safety, reliability and performance objectives. Anticipate emerging trends locally or remotely without affecting normal channel operation employing powerful Virtual Channel™ capability. Minimize time, cost and dose with information at hand like never before and drive plant safety and operational improvements … proactively!

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SafePoint® Radiation Monitoring Solutions

SafePointNuclear facilities benefit the most when they can trust their nuclear measurement vendor to supply equipment that delivers a worry-free future.

SafePoint RMS provides the tools and information necessary to minimize time, cost and dose in support of plant safety and operational goals.

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Environmental and Radiation Monitoring Systems

CANBERRA recognizes the nuclear industry's requirement for safety and regulatory compliance. We also understand that every plant system, including the Radiation and Environmental Monitoring Systems, should maximize its contribution to efficient operations. CANBERRA's locally configurable systems can help streamline your operations for lower cost, assure data integrity and support ALARA objectives.

Our systems are built on a modular concept and consist of standardized detector assemblies, processing and display units and computer-based system management stations. This modular concept provides the operator with a high-performance installation requiring minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Ratemeters, probes & accessories
A variety of modules designed for radiation detection and display of monitoring data for use in nuclear facilities and the environment.
Criticality Accident Alarm Systems (CAAS)
Criticality Accident Alarm Systems (CAAS)
Criticality Accident Alarm Systems (CAAS) are required in nuclear facilities where an accidental criticality excursion could result from operational processes.
Air Monitoring
Reliable and versatile monitors of airborne alpha and beta particulate activity.
Gamma Area and Environmental Monitors
Compact and robust monitors of ambient gamma radiation used for personnel protection and process monitoring.
EMS/RMS Software
System display and control software for EMS and RMS applications designed in accordance with stringent nuclear industry standards.
MOVERS – Mobile Vehicle-Based Monitoring
Turn-key Mobile Vehicle-based Emergency Radiation Monitoring Systems (MOVERS) offer high-sensitivity detection of likely hazardous releases from a nuclear accident or dirty bomb scenario – essential information for proper emergency preparedness and response.