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VLD (Very Low Dose) - Colibri & SVLD Comparison Videos

Looking high and low for hotspots? Check out CANBERRA's compact and versatile Colibri – it's highly responsive at very low dose rates.

The Colibri VLD is ideal for quick and accurate measurement of very low dose rates outside of radiation controlled areas, yet its range extension up to 1 mSv/h (100 mrem/h) enables it to effectively support a wide variety of applications. The Colibri VLD is compatible with the full line of CANBERRA Smart Probes (CSP) to cover a range of applications, maximize equipment uptime and simplify training requirements

Don't take our word for it, see the impressive performance of the Colibri VLD in these short videos.

These videos may take a moment to load. Please wait a few seconds.

See how CANBERRA's SVLD probe, used in this video with a Radiagem meter, detects a transient source quickly and reliably in this comparison video:

SVLD Probe Comparison


See how the responsive Colibri VLD detects a transient source quickly and reliably in the video below:

Colibri VLD


The advanced detection technology employed by CANBERRA's Colibri VLD platform results in sensitivity 20-60 times better than that of GM-based instruments. See the superior response of Colibri VLD to a low level source as compared to Colibri TTC with GM-based detector in the videos below:

Colibri TTC vs. VLD Rem Units

Colibri TTC vs. VLD Sievert Units


Already have a CANBERRA meter? The SVLD probe plugs into your existing Radiagem™, MIP 10 Digital, AVIOR® or Colibri® TTC to provide instant VLD performance without the need to purchase a new meter! See how the SVLD probe performs in the two videos below:

Radiagem vs. VLD Rem Units

Radiagem vs. VLD Sievert Units