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COLIBRI and VSDS: a comprehensive solution for survey applications

With No Transcription Errors


  • Barcode
  • RFID
  • Text input


  • Colibri & CSP probes
  • Dose-rate
  • Contamination


  • Web server
  • MS-EXCEL™ files
  • Date Stamped


  • Database
  • Dashboard
  • Statistics
From a real situation photo/drawing to a survey summary

From a real situation photo/drawing to a survey summary

  • Connects RFID or barcode reader via Bluetooth to locate measurement
  • Measure dose-rate and/or contamination with calibration QA traceability
  • Use variety of CSP – Canberra Smart Probes (wired and wireless with CSP-COM)
  • Integrate over time to improve MDA- Save all data in Colibri's large Memory (MS-EXCEL file)
VSDS –Visual Survey Data System from S&W Technologies :
  • Dramatically reduce survey documentation costs
  • Easier to use and faster than any other system
  • Automatically communicate data to worker via the web
  • Instantly trend on any historical data
  • Attach lab report and other files directly to surveys
  • Easily search for and retrieve surveys

Colibri and VSDS

VSDS is a software sold independently
by S&W Technologies

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